Plant With Purpose

Train 500 farmers, plant 100,000 trees, & support 10 local pastors

Plant With Purpose is partnering with churches and farmer’s groups in the mountainous border region of Fonds Verettes, Haiti, to address the severe problems of poverty, environmental degradation, and spiritual need. Plant With Purpose’s work impacts over 2,500 people in the ten villages of this very neglected area. We have found that the local people are especially enthusiastic to improve their community- they just need the tools to turn their dreams into reality. Our mission statement, “we teach, we plant, we create enterprise and we share the gospel,” reflects the four primary tools we use to break the vicious cycle of poverty, deforestation, and hopelessness.

Our goal is to transform the lives of the rural poor spiritually, economically, and environmentally by restoring their relationships with God, each other, and the land. Plant With Purpose’s local Haitian staff is coming alongside local churches and farmers to give them the tools they need to bring fundamental changes to their communities. Specific project goals for the next three years include training over 500 farmers in soil conservation, reforestation and fruit tree grafting, producing and planting over 100,000 trees, establishing fifteen community savings and loan groups, and collaborating with ten pastors from local churches to develop and execute plans for community bible studies and holistic community development. Thank you for partnering with us to bring transformation and hope to the communities of Fonds Verettes!

Planting Hope in Haiti from Plant With Purpose on Vimeo.

Trees Please Campaign from Plant With Purpose on Vimeo.

This video draws the connection between what the environment has to do with the quality of life for some of the poorest people in the world, subsistence level farmers. People who live off of their land depend on it for survival and when the land stops producing it directly affects their lives.

Planting Hope - an Overview from Plant With Purpose on Vimeo.

Composting Demo in Tanzania from Plant With Purpose on Vimeo.