Mission Lutheran School

Mission Lutheran School is a happening place! We always have lots going on and we have an open-door policy if anyone wants to visit. Just be sure to check in at the school office first for a nametag.

Each day, everyone meets in the church sanctuary before classes begin for Praise and Chapel time. It is a wonderful way for the students, teachers and parents to start each day by giving thanks and praise to God. The children freely open their hearts and minds to God as they sing and pray to our heavenly Father. To date we have collected $300.00 for Mission Within Reach from our faithful and generous young stewards!

We have many fun learning activities at Mission Lutheran School. Each teacher is responsible for providing a curriculum calendar and lessons plans for each week. Since we are a developmentally based school, most of the learning the children do is “hands-on”. Included in the lesson plans are school-wide activities in which the entire school participates such as: PJ Story Night (along with our annual Book Fair); our very own pumpkin patch; Native American village at Thanksgiving time; our annual Christmas program and Sping Sing; and many more activities.

Please come by to visit us! You may join us for chapel time or attend one of our activities. We appreciate being part of the Mission Lutheran Church family!

If you have questions about our programs, classroom openings, fees, schedules, or if you would just like to learn more about our school, please go to www.missionlutheranschool.com