Forest Home military

A quiet, spiritual retreat for soldiers after deployment

The Forest Home Military Guest Program allows those from all branches of service to get away from their base to a retreat setting within 60 days of returning from deployment. Under the guidance of military chaplains, the desire is to give the personnel and their families a place of quiet solitude away from the strict discipline and lifestyle of being on the base or the war front. Chaplains use biblical principals as the foun- dation of their teaching and counsel, though the vast majority of the attendees are not Christian. This program presents an incredible opportunity to show what faith in God can do to help people live in peace and joy in spite of life’s circumstances.

The cost of a retreat for a group of 20 singles is $3,900. The cost for a group of couples is $8,600. The cost of a retreat for families who come in a group of 50, including children is $12,700. Chaplains from each branch of service indicate that the need for these retreats is ongoing with no end in sight. The need here is most urgent and the solution simply awaits funding!