Cure International

Healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God

It’s not an overstatement to call ourselves CURE International.  Our goal is to bring 100% physical and spiritual healing to children with disabilities in the developing world.  Since 1998, at our eleven hospitals and dozens of clinics throughout the developing world, we have been transforming the lives of children with hydrocephalus, cleft lip and palate, spine deformities, clubfoot, and other crippling orthopedic conditions. Their conditions are treatable, but without CURE, they have nowhere to turn for proper care. These children and their families often feel great shame and face rejection from their relatives and communities. At CURE, they find acceptance and hope as our hospital staff members express God’s love for them.

Here’s a list of ways folks can engage with us beyond giving:

Introducing CUREkids from CURE Video on Vimeo.

Check out this video explaining CUREkids. Learn more at

Meet Tom from CURE Video on Vimeo.

Meet Tom from Uganda. Tom had hydrocephalus and was treated at CURE Uganda.

Meet Isaias from CURE Video on Vimeo.

Meet Isaias from Honduras. He was born with severe clubfoot. He used to leave early for school because it took him so long to walk there. Now after surgery at CURE he can leave with everyone else.